LEAP! Learning Tools: Value Proposition vs. Social Mission with Brian Postlewait

When developing a social enterprise, it’s easy to get your value proposition mixed up with your social goals.

Your value proposition describes what your product or service offers your customer and is the key to your business success. Your social mission describes the positive social impact of your business. It provides added value, but is not the value proposition of the social enterprise.

Confused? Listen to this explanation by Brian Postlewait, outgoing executive director of Mission Possible and SFU Community Economic Development alumni.


LEAP! Learning Tools: From Idea to Launch with Tracee Lang

Launching a business requires a lot of learning, and a lot of support. 2016 LEAP! graduate Tracee Lang shares what she learned along the way about how to move from an idea to a plan, and how to make an effective pitch to potential investors.

(As part of the LEAP! program, Tracee pitched her idea for the Sunshine Coast Salt Co. to her community at the final barn-raiser celebration, basically a really friendly dragon’s den.)


LEAP! Learning Tools: Customer segments and channels with Candace Campo

Knowing who your customers are and how to reach them is key to business success.

Candace Campo, owner and operator of Talaysay Tours on the Sunshine Coast, talks about her different customer segments and the channels she uses to connect with them. She also shares some of the lessons she learned as she built her successful kayaking and aboriginal tourism business.


LEAP! Learning Tools: Community relations with Aaron Joe

Aaron Joe is owner/operator of Salish Soils, a facility making top-quality soil on the Sunshine Coast.

Aaron is First Nations and committed to creating employment for his community. He shares some of his vision and lessons learned along the way.

When you are starting a business, sometimes people don’t like what you are doing. He reflects on the importance of when to listen to feedback and to keep going despite criticism.



LEAP! Learning Tools: The importance of relationships in business with Brian Smith

British Columbians love beer and, as witnessed by the recent proliferation of breweries, craft brewing is a good business proposition. But success is not built on beer alone.

SFU CED instructor and founder of Persephone Brewing, Brian Smith, talks about the importance of building and maintaining relationships in business development.

Persephone, a B-corp on the Sunshine Coast is not only selling a terrific amount of beer, but is also having positive impacts in the community in its pursuit of the triple bottom line (social, environmental and financial success).

LEAP! Learning Tools: Revenue Streams with Chris Nichols

Chris Nichols is a founding member of Wood Shop Co-op, a workers co-operative in Vancouver who make and sell up-cycled wood products. Chris explains how Wood Shop has developed different revenue streams to keep their business financially stable.

He also talks about the special relationship a social purpose business has with its customers, who are attracted both by the products and by the business ethics.